Thursday, March 27, 2008

OK Guys This is it.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Get Paid For Taking Surveys

Blog Balance as of today $12.00 Thanks to all who have used the links on this blog.

Hi Webfolk,
Well I was looking for a way to give back so I found this Paid Survey site. See the Banner above.... You pay a one time small fee and you are given access to a bunch of sites that will pay you to take surveys.

The Theory here makes sense because companies want your opinion. Just this week alone I have gone to Deangelo's, Kohl's, Target, Walmart, Quizno's, and The Home Depot on the bottom of my receipt for every one of them was a web address and code number to do a survey. A couple of them offered a coupon if you take the survey and a couple of them offered me the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for a big cash prize. So as you can see Your opinion counts and now you can get paid for it.

So could you use an extra $300 to $1,000 a month? Did you know you can make good money filling out online surveys sitting at home in your pajamas? It's easier than you think, and SurveyScout can show you how.

Friday, March 21, 2008

War Anniversary 5 years at war!!!

Hi Guys,

Well this week marked the anniversary of the war in Iraq. Yup, 5 years at war, the economy is in the crapper and there is no end in sight. Regardless of weather you feel the war is right or wrong there is one thing we all have to keep in mind. That is our troops that are over there fighting. I personally have about 5 close friends among some further friends that are in Iraq or have been there and back and I have to support them and thank them every time I see them.

Let me tell you about a friend of mine who died in the war. He was in his 20's and was just married when he got the call to go to Iraq. Aside from being in the Military he was also a Volunteer firefighter in the town we lived. He was doing his tour in Iraq when he was the victim of an Hum V accident and was killed. It was a very sad time for all his family, Friends and the whole community. When I attended his funeral not only did he have Military honers but also a last call and march by the Town firefighters. It was one of the most emotional experiences of my life. It was a very moving experience for me and that was the moment I realized the magnitude of the toll this war has taken on so many around the country.

I have established a relationship with USO a charity organization that collects donations to support our troops. So please take the time to make a donation and support our troops. Although your donation will go to support our troops I will count any money donated against the balance for my million dollar blog. Thank you for all your support. RIP (Flea)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Best Dog Training

Hi Everyone,
First off Happy St. Patty's Day and "Slan" I wish I was sharing a Guinness with all of you. Anyway, I am back to tell you about a product that I bought a while back. It is kind of funny, my wife thinks I am nuts for starting this blog and she laughs every time I tell her I know it will work. I was explaining to her that if I give all of you an honest review on a product then you will bookmark my blog and just simply make your purchases through my blog. I think of it as a trust and loyalty thing. That being said I want to thank you to who ever it was that used my blog to purchase Rockband Special Edition from Amazon .com, Unfortunately I can not see your name through my Amazon account but your purchase price was $149.00 and I earned $4.00 for my blog so I am sure it will be quite some time before I hit a Million but There is Hope, and it didn't cost you anything but a simple click from my blog to the Amazon page.

When I told my wife I got my first sale and my Blog has made $4.00 she said "well there is still a long way to a Million" then she said did you put that e-book we bought for the dog on there? I totally forgot about that book we bought and it was a life saver. So the story goes like this.

I found a lifesaver. We adopted my dog Linus a year ago, when we first got him home he was very shy and quiet for the first week or so. Then it started, When ever someone would come to the house he would bark like crazy and would try to bite them. He actually drew blood on my brothers hand. This was just one of a bunch of other problems we were having. He would always jump all over us when we got home. He would Bark at every person or dog who walked by the window. He was deathly afraid of the grill on the deck (not sure what the deal was with that) He would never listen and twice ran out the door between our legs and almost got his by a car. He is fixed but would still try to mount any other dog he saw. He Chewed the bottom stair and loved to grab the clothes (especially socks and Bra's) and tear wholes in them. Lets just say it was a very frustrating first few months.

So I had a friend who's girlfriend was a dog trainer. We paid here $40.00 a lesson for her to come by twice a week to try and resolve some of these problems. She came by for 5 weeks and worked with my dog, my wife, and I. He did get a little better but still not great and we just couldn't afford to keep having her come. Not to mention the biting was the one thing we would not stand for and that problem didn't seem to be getting any better. So after spending $450.00 and still having some of the worst problems we were having, I decided to look to the Internet.

At first I starting searching the Internet for the best dog training books. I expected to find a good book to buy from Amazon but what I found was an E-Book. I wasn't really sure what an E-Book was at the time so I did some research and found it is a book that you buy on the Internet and you can easily download it to your computer right away. So I looked a little further into this E-Book (Sit Stay, Fetch) and I found there were a lot of people out there who were having great success with this book. After some further research I actually found that this was the most popular Dog Training E-Book on the Internet. I also found that it had less than a 1% return rate. I told you I do my research before buying.

I thought that was pretty impressive so I checked out their sales pitch page. It was simple, professional and came with a guarantee. So I figured what do I have to loose. I bought it and was able to easily download it right away and start reading that night. I couldn't stop, I read it till 3am the next morning because it was full of so many Training techniques I had never even thought of. I started working with Linus the next day and within 2 days I was seeing results.

He was listening better and I finally got him to stop with the eating the stairs and the socks and Bra's. I was able to walk him without him walking me if you know what I mean. But the real test was yet to come. Could this E-Book actually help me stop him from biting all of our guests. I started working with him on this with the help of my family and friends. (Guinea Pigs hahaha) it started getting better and better. I wrote to the author of the book with some questions and actually got a reply He helped out a great deal.

I am glad to say now a year later Linus is able to have company and play and have fun with them all day long. It is such a relief to see that you can find good quality customer support when you need it online. I would recommend this e-book to anyone who is having trouble with your dog. It has training techniques for dogs from puppies to adult and covers all different types of training from tricks to obedience training. I have provided a link to their website because I know this book will help you with any training problems you are having.

Happy to Report My Blog Balance is now at $4.00

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Welcome to my Million Dollar Blog Campaign

Hi, my name is Jeff Creighton and I have decided to to start a million dollar blog campaign. SO what does that mean. Well I would like to use this blog to earn a million dollars, and I want your help. So what do I expect that you will just give me money for no good reason? Of course not. So how do I plan on going about this quest? Well I am not quite sure myself.

For starters I am going to let you into my house. WHAT the hell does that mean. Well there is something called affiliates on the Internet and I am only going to buy products that you can find on somewhere on the Internet through an affiliate program. I will buy the product, see if it is any good, tell you about it (Write a review) and provide a link where you can get a great deal on that product. This will just be one way I will try to start earning money with this blog.

If you click my links you will be able to buy the product that you will know is good (from my review) and you will get it a great price. In turn I will earn a Small commission from the company that purchase it from. I will add that commission to my blog account balance and together we can watch it grow and you can be a part of it.

My Story, Well, Times have been tough lately, My wife has been out of work and my check doesn't cover the bills so a few months ago I started to go on a quest for making money online. rather than making money I have lose some that I don't have. Maybe not the smartest decision I have ever made so I have converted to this plan because it is free. It is just my wife and I and My dog Linus who is a rat terrier mix and he is cute as can be but does not like strangers and always tries to bite them. We have been working with him and a trainer but so far our success is limited and the trainer is expensive.

So that's the story, This blog will be loaded with information that I will make sure is important to you after all I don't expect you to just give me your money. However I have provide a donation link in case you find something on this blog to be so helpful that you that you just can't resist....

The first thing you can do to help me out a little is to copy the link to this blog and add it everywhere. If you visit other blogs post my link there, if you visit forums post my link there, or maybe you have your own website if so post a link to my blog on it. This will help to drive more people to my blog. The more people I have visiting my blog the more options I have to get people to sponsor my blog and make money not to mention that this will also help to get my blog to go to the top on the search engines.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Amazon Affiliate

OK guys so where off the first thing I would like to bring to your attention is Amazon. I have signed up as an affiliate because I make a lot of purchases through Amazon because they have great prices and the offer all products from games and electronics, to exercise equipment, books MP3 and movie downloads, Etc. You name it they sell it and they have great customer service usually orders over $25.00 ship for free. It is just the best and most trusted place to buy online. I have added a simple Amazon search on the right column it will list a few of the hottest products or you can search for anything. Happy shopping feel safe and secure.

Let Me Tell You a Little About My TV
Before my wife lost her job we bought an HDTV, I had wanted one for a long time and had been putting it off and putting it off. Finally I started researching it and one thing led to another. When ever I am going to buy a new product that is expensive I always do some extensive research to make sure I am making a SMART decision and getting the best buy. Anyway, I finally decided on a Sony and boy am I glad I did. Let me first say that I know right off the bat when you buy a brand like Sony you are paying some for the name. I am not usually a fan of paying for a brand name. In this case the Sony had everything I wanted and offered something I found I couldn't get anywhere else.

QUALITY!!! Sure all HDTV's have great High Definition quality but the fact is I have cable and not every every channel through my cable company is offered in High Def. This is important. But First it is important you know that when you walk into the store Such as Best buy or Circuit City Etc. all the HDTV's are showing an HD channel and the TV's settings are set to Vivid or the highest quality setting making them all look great. Well first off When ever you get an HDTV one of the first things you want to do is go into the settings and change the setting from Vivid to the middle grade setting. The Middle grade will still give you exceptional quality the difference is that consistently using your HDTV on Vivid will make it burn out much quicker.

Going back to my cable company, so they offer some channels that are High Definition, some that are digital, and some that are analog. What brought this to my attention was the Internet research I did and the test. I went to a friend's house who had a Samsung HDTV and had the same cable company. He showed me how great his TV looked in HD. I have to say I was impressed. Then I said show me a digital channels. He did and the quality when way down. It was still viewable but was not nearly as good as the HD channel. Then I told him to switch to an analog channel. This was terrible I would never be able to watch his TV on an analog channel for any length of time, it looked like crap.

My Quest For An HDTV With Great Quality in HD, Digital, and Analog

If I am going to spend a lot of money on a TV you can be damn sure I am going to watch more than the 13 HD channels my cable company offers. I began searching and found the Sony to have Exceptional quality in HD with Great quality in digital along with better than good quality in analog. This was good news for me. I know analog is being phased out so I was more concerned about the digital channels looking great as I know I will be watching a bunch of these channels along with the HD channels. Anyway this TV has over 50 consumer reviews on Amazon and all but 4 give it a 5 star rating, and you can add my 5 star rating to that as well. Below is a link to this Sony HDTV click on it and read about it. It is a great TV with enough in/out puts for my cable box, surround sound, and Xbox, the there is room for more. I would highly recommend this TV and right now it is listed with almost $1000.00 off at Amazon. I am not sure how long the promotion will last on Amazon but If you have been looking for an exceptional HDTV this is the one you want.

Sony Bravia XBR KDL-52XBR4 52-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

Current Balance for my Million Dollar Blog Campaign is $0.00 so please help I am waiting for that first buck...